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DevvESG combines a powerful blockchain platform, a forward-thinking fund, and an environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency to revolutionize the ESG space and better the planet. 

A Revolution In ESG Data and Trust

ESG efforts are booming—but validating data is a major issue. There is little standardization and data is often inconsistent or unverified. This limits the potential of companies to do real good in the world.


DevvESG is a one-stop shop for any company's ESG needs. Companies with innovative products or technologies can access both customers and investors as well as launch their efforts on the DevvX platform. Companies that want to be responsible from an ESG perspective can get an ESG rating, find solutions to improve that rating, and access ESG assets and offsets.

DevvESG brings trust and compliance to the ESG space.

The DevvESG Ecosystem











Revolutionary blockchain platform 

DevvX is a regulatory compliant platform, providing ESG companies the opportunity to launch token offerings, track asset ownership, and maintain full provenance on all ESG data. With DevvX, companies can securely and efficiently:

  • Build trusted, impactful solutions

  • Raise capital with regulatory compliance

  • Create liquidity for illiquid assets

  • Release tokens for assets, equity, utility, and debt


Consider DevvX as a regulatory compliant replacement for Ethereum that solves scalability and cost challenges.


ESG-focused venture fund

DevvESG is an ESG focused venture fund, managed by a world-class experienced and successful VC management team.


Fast, efficient cryptocurrency

DevvE is a powerful, eco-friendly, and compliant cryptocurrency.


  • 1/1,000,000 the energy use of Bitcoin

  • 8 million+ transactions per second

  • 1/1,000,000 cost of other platforms

  • Protects the planet (rather than harms it)

Unlike Bitcoin, which wastes enormous amounts of energy and is not regulatory compliant, DevvE is regulatory compliant and is millions of times more efficient than Bitcoin. Additionally, 90% of DevvE sales are used to fund ESG projects on the DevvX platform. Think “Bitcoin and Ethereum with net-zero emissions”

DevvE is set to be an alternative to Bitcoin as a more sustainable and legally compliant store of value.

World Class Team

DevvESG's biggest strength is its team.


A mix of great tech minds with past success in products and patents and an experienced venture capitalist team with numerous exits and products, bolstered by the world's most experienced folks in enterprise blockchain

You can learn more about our team on the Devvio website.

Who We Work With


Do you have a project that's perfect for DevvESG? Are you a Fortune 500 company or other business that wants to improve your ESG rating? Do you want to help lead the world in ESG efforts?

Let us know. 

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