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DevvESG's portfolio partners are current leaders and future pioneers in the ESG space. We provide data validation, funding, ratings, liquidity, and a community for our portfolio partners. 

We are actively seeking innovative partners.

Our portfolio partners span a broad spectrum of categories, creating a diverse and robust DevvESG ecosystem. These partners range from CO2 reduction to data and analytics, medical innovations to applications for social change.

All of our partners strive for clear, measurable outcomes that generate a net positive for the world as a whole across all areas of ES&G. 


Portfolio Partner Benefits 



Portfolio partners receive our blockchain-based validation, providing trusted auditable data with full provenance. 



The DevvESG Fund serves to raise capital for companies in the ESG space, whether they're just starting out or established companies launching new initiatives.



Many of our Portfolio Partners provide technologies and approaches that can improve customer ES&G ratings.


Worldwide Collaboration

Our platform enables worldwide multiparty collaboration around ESG efforts, creating incentives for portfolio partners.



Through the ESG platform and our proprietary DevvE cryptocurrency, we provide our portfolio partners with vital liquidity, 

We have established a number of partnerships with forward-looking organizations.

Meet our current Portfolio Partners. 

 Plastics Collection and Recycling


Restoring Integrity to the Oceans, Inc (RIO) was established with the primary goal of helping solve the plastic pollution waste in the waters of our world; leaving our oceans as a clean, healthy environment for both the teaming wildlife that call it home and future generations to enjoy.  RIO is the outcome of the concerns, dreams, and inspiration of our founders.  With decades and even generations of experience on and in the oceans, as well as years of experience in environmental stewardship and protection, our founders are focused on developing synergistic concepts that will have a lasting sustainable global impact in restoring our oceans integrity to the vibrant and thriving waters they have been in the past and absolutely can be again.  We passionately believe that we can live near and on the oceans of the world and conduct commerce on and derive sustenance from the oceans all while ensuring the oceans remain clean, healthy, and a pristine habitat for all marine life.  RIO started in Texas in the United States, but we operate in locations all over the world.  Clearly the marine waste issue is a global problem, and through offices and partnerships around the world, we are able to have a global impact

 Data & Data Analytics



Regenerative farming practices hold huge potential to build soil health, sequester carbon, and reward growers for ecosystem services. Agricultural soil carbon markets – one mechanism incentivizing a shift to regenerative practices – allow companies, governments, and consumers to purchase carbon offsets from agricultural producers in return for ecosystem services and sequestration outcomes. Given the additional co-benefits associated with increasing soil carbon, soil carbon markets offer great potential for an environmental and economic win-win. However, because sequestration rates vary based on geography, soil type, and farming practices, accurate and cost-effective soil measurement is needed to better understand what practices are most effective in local contexts. To date, accurate testing has remained expensive, limiting its use. Haystack Ag is solving this problem. To further unlock regenerative agriculture’s potential at scale, we need a cost-effective and accurate way to measure changes in carbon over time. Haystack Ag is committed to removing this techno-economic barrier with a high-accuracy, yet cost-effective soil testing service, backed by rigorous science and innovative technology. 

 CO2e Reduction & Sequestration


Giatec is a global company revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite. Giatec’s suite of hardware & software products has leveraged advanced technologies such as; artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), including; wireless concrete sensors, mobile apps, and advanced non-destructive technologies (NDT) to drive innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and helping save time, materials and energy in construction projects. Access to real-time and accurate data on concrete performance empowers all the stakeholders including concrete producers, contractors, engineers and owners helping them make informed decisions in building structures faster, safer and more economically.

 Renewable Energy / Efficiency


NanoFlex Power Corporation, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of advanced organic photovoltaic technologies that enable thin-film products with light weight, design flexibility and lowest total system cost. NanoFlex’s past sponsored research programs at USC, Michigan and Princeton University have produced an extensive patent portfolio covering flexible, thin-film organic photovoltaic technologies. Pursuant to its sponsored research agreements, NanoFlex has obtained the exclusive worldwide license and right to use and sublicense all intellectual property resulting from the Company’s sponsored research programs.  Our technologies  unlock new markets, such as light powered internet of things (IoT) industrial devices, light powered consumer devices, and lightweight, aesthetic building-integrated photovoltaics.

LED Green Light Logo_900.png

Founded in 2008, LED Green Light International (‘LEDGLI’) is an innovative US company that designs and manufactures advanced LED lighting products that produce the highest quality Full Color Rendition Index (95+ CRI), highest Energy Efficiency Efficacy (159 Lumens per Watt @ 95+ CRI), long lasting and sustainable LED Lighting & Controls Products (10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty).

SimplyLOGO_2019_ large_RGB.png

Founded in 2005, SimplyLEDs mission from day one was to simplify LED lighting. The US-based team designs and builds high-performance LED lighting that boasts best-in-class Bluetooth energy-saving solutions.  Their products are designed to minimize risk and maximize performance across the LED space.

 Waste Reduction


FloWaste’s food analytics platform uses proprietary image recognition technology to empower cafeterias and quick service restaurants to reduce food waste. Using kitchen and consumer data, FloWaste allows food service providers to optimize meal preparation, ingredient combinations, and portion sizing, while reducing labor costs, to maximize profits and minimize excess. FloWaste is launching pilots in Q2 of 2021 with a leading quick service brand, a global tech companies campus cafeterias and the US Air Force.

 Control Over Value Creation


AdWallet is the world's first direct-to-consumer digital advertising network then empowers advertisers to reward consumers directly for paying attention to video commercials and marketing messages. AdWallet currently has over 200,000 members that now have direct access to a value exchange for their attention worth over $250 billion dollars annually in the US alone. Led by an executive team that has built and scaled some of the largest digital advertising networks in the US, AdWallet is poised to become the first digital advertising network that finally enables consumers and advertising to work as partners, rather than adversaries. AdWallet's mission is to decentralize the current digital advertising model, enabling it to be controlled by consumers, rather than a handful of powerful publishers.

Altered Reality.png

The ARC team has built a proprietary 3D volumetric content solution to deliver photorealistic holograms into mobile AR apps & WebAR distribution. We’ve created AR content for Disney / Marvel, A+E Networks, NFL Players Association and Warner Bros Pictures. Altered Reality Corp's technology has the potential to provide for valuable NFT implementations.


Hippo Technologies, Inc., is a global virtual care company servicing the healthcare and medical education industries. The Hippo Virtual Care™ platform includes a hands-free, voice-activated, head-worn tablet and HIPAA/GDPR compliant software allowing clinicians to communicate and video conference in real time with remote colleagues and students, search medical records, and automatically access files and imaging during patient examinations, procedures, consultations and rounding. Hippo delivers a unique “through the eyes of the clinician” experience with all the safety and convenience of remote care.

A 21st Century treatment center focusing on behavioral health and substance use disorders; SHR aims to be the laboratory for innovation and technology adoption in the behavioral health and addiction treatment space.  As a nonprofit company, SHR is in a unique place to collect data for future "evidence based" modalities of healing.  Through integrating state of the art technology we will create and improve on the "algorithm" for healing, empowerment and sobriety.